Samcruz offers its services by providing best off-site and on-site development practices and processes, assisting leading Institutions of business to sustain and nurture quality business services. We meet client expectations through top management perspective, industrial knowledge, professionalism, integrity, personal participation and consultative approach.

Business Consulting
Samcruz offers business consulting services on the basis of extensive research and study on the industry, market growth and innovative solutions. These services are catered to a wide variety of industrial sectors like IT, ITES, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Media, Banking and Insurance. Entrepreneurship projects are given priority on the basis of sharing intellectual capital and growth. Samcruz strengthens the prospect of its customer through diligent study of the market and offers excellent support for small and medium level market intelligence study and product launches.

IT Solutions
Samcruz offers IT solutions for small and medium enterprises, SCORM certified E learning solutions for business and educational organizations, Market intelligence and HR services, Application development, Business process outsourcing and e-publication solutions.

Billing and payment system
Automated payment assist
Customer service and cost management
Automation of process and documentation
Digital learning platform
Business Starter solutions
Resource management and Inventory
English Language Labs
Skills Development application
Audio Lab Interface
Appointments and meetings assist
Customized solutions

Human Resources
The HR services of Samcruz for the industry are classified into categories based on the nature of the industry. With the concept of Umbrella Organization, Samcruz has brought a variety of services under one roof with an aim to provide all internal and external process-oriented services to its clients. Some of the services include brand management, creative management, recruitment and staffing solutions.

Indigenous Training content development and delivery in the area of industry oriented skills is also made available based on the requirement of the client. The training methodology also follows a standard pattern of needs-study, analysis and appropriate execution based on the finding. The Beacon model, Ladder model, System Intervention models are effectively used to reinforce work skills.