Research and Development
The Research and Development division functions with the purpose of advancing the methods of learning through participatory efforts from social and educational experts and their findings. The R&D division constitutes the basis of many innovative efforts of the company, thereby giving a strong structural element to the efforts of building up mechanism of technology and realistic needs.There is often a realistic gap found in implementation of many technologies that are new and dynamic when it comes to particular user group since the end issues may not be addressed without localized customization.

Our research has evolved over time with concepts and methods that have been absorbed from various established research findings and influenced by scientific study across multiple disciplines that provide a variety of perspectives. A paradigm shift is highly innovative however scientific and research is a gateway to such a process.

Samcruz believes in creating applications on a need and demand based requisition rather than the force to superficially innovate. A structured and methodical approach to research has been the cornerstone of all development initiatives at Samcruz which has brought the technology utilities more useful and closer to its users.