English and Skills Lab
Skillmate learning laboratory is a new and innovative concept of improvising the need-based skill development curriculum with the aid of technology and latest training methods.

Skillmate English and Skills Lab offers a comprehensive solution to the skills development of the present learner generation, catering to various areas of professional needs. Developed with the recent methodologies, evolved from Communicative Language Teaching, the content of Skillmate is tested for its reliability and efficiency at every level, which is a dynamic feature of the Learning tool. With a superior content and easy to use navigational style, Skillmate provides a simple yet powerful platform to skills learning.

Features of Skillmate English Lab
The digital training program covers the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills in English and many areas of soft skills. Group Discussion and Interview skills are a basic part of the English Lab. Other courses like Presentation skills, Team skills etc. are also available and new courses are available as when updated as per industry demands.

  • The Lab is also useful for Indian learners for teaching of English as Second language
  • Built-in exercises are available.
  • Teacher can also frame their own tests.
  • Reports on student performance is available for all learner and administrators
  • Students can self-learn even in the absence of teachers.
  • Students can also assess themselves and analyze their own learning.
  • Navigational style is simple and easy
  • Students can clear their doubts through forum option available.
  • Individual messenger system is available for interaction between teachers and students.
  • All students will have unique identity to use the lab which is a major advantage that is not available with other software.
  • Unique user licensing system enables leveraging the best out of the resources for an educational institution.
  • Different versions at affordable costs are available.
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User Management
Multiple user batches can be handled and maintained in digital registers.

Course allotment
Individual and group-based course allotment is possible. These records are also maintained for all students

The assessment module has different question types, various levels and numerous chapters. There is no limitation for volume of questions that can be added. Test can be allotted to any number of groups or individuals within minutes. There are different types of questions that help in the conduct of a proper and accurate assessment which can be automatically activated on the test days.

Bulletin Board
This option is a virtual notice board through which common instructions to the students can be posted.

This feature enables the teacher to answer any question that is put up by the students. It has different and varying categories under which the relevant doubts and issues can be pooled. The answers could be viewed by all the registered learners.

Messages and Chat
This messenger system enables the teacher to directly interact with the learner. This helps to maintain individual and personalized communication with the learner and addresses all doubts that a learner might not be comfortable to query using the forum.

Teacher Resources
The administrator or teacher has the facility to add new content that is available to all the students. This content can be edited or deleted or added any number of time.