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IT enabled Business transformation
Our approach to transformation is based on our strategies and the leverage that could be gained through study of the systems and performance factors in relation to customerís experience and objectives.

  • In the path to transformation we follow
  • A research and study on the business
  • Study on the portfolio of application
  • Resources and operations
  • A functional mode for implementation
  • Areas of Improvement
Business Automation
Business automation involves a series of steps that enable an organization to outsource all its technical requirements in the able and efficient administration of Samcruz. Samcruz will create and deliver all technological support for the functionality of the core-concept of the client business. It involves the following
  • Hardware procurement services
  • Setting up data and network requirements
  • Solution for running of Business
  • Enterprise planning and solution
Strategic Management and Analysis
Initializing Business styles, Market surveys, Research and Analysis, Development of Business Promotional Plans

Employee Management
Training, online learning, skills development, Personality development, Retention Mechanism

Quality Management
Business quality management, Employee quality Sustenance, Business Practices, Institutional Policies, Quality appraisal system

These services are catered to a wide variety of industrial sectors like IT, ITES, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Media, Banking and Insurance. All projects are done on the basis of the results of research and study.

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